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At Repologic, being bailiffs is our business, however for a couple of us physical fitness is our passion, having fitness in our life whether it be doing it or talking about it, we need it like a body needs food to survive, lol.

David and I feel whats going on in the world at the moment, with so many of us social distancing, quarantining etc.... ourselves included with reduced work load, staying at home like so many of you, we felt we had to start this blog to help not only ourselves during these unusual times but those in the same situation.

David like a lot of people is a dual career individual, he is also a certified personal trainer. Myself, I'm just a gym rat and have been my whole life, I've spent more time in gyms than some have commuting to work:)

The point here is to keep it light and fun, we are however very serious about helping in any way we can, please enjoy our posts and if you need us to help create a program for you or anything else while staying at home, hit us up and we will make it happen.

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