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Field Services:

Pre seizure asset verification and delivery of final demand.

Asset monitoring, prior, mid contract and end of contract confirmation of asset condition.


As well as asset valuations of all types of collateral, Office , Restaurant equipment, Automotive, Heavy, industrial and recreational.


We will evaluate, provide a full report with pictures and market comparisons.


Asset Seizures:

Specializing in all types of assets Heavy equipment, Automobiles, Motorbikes, Recreational, Power Sports,Aviation. Restaurant, office and industrial equipment.

Consumer contracts, Commercial contracts, Court ordered and Repairers liens

If there is a lien or a order on your assets we can effect seizure

Repairers Liens:


The B.C. Repairers Lien Act provides a solution to repairers by giving special legislated rights to repairers to keep the priority their possessory lien gave them, while giving up possession of the vessel, if specific procedures are followed.  If the procedures are not followed closely, the right to a repairer’s lien, and the right to seize and sell without court involvement, is lost.  Repologic can prevent this from occurring, contact us for more details.


Warehouse Lien​:             

Every Warehouser has a lien on goods deposited with the Warehouser for storage, whether deposited by the owner of the goods or by the owner's authority, or by any person entrusted with the possession of the goods by the owner or by the owner's authority.


The lien is for the amount of the Warehouser's charges for all of the following:

All lawful charges for storage and preservation of the goods, all lawful claims for money advanced, interest, insurance, transportation, labour, weighing, coopering and other expenses in relation to the goods, all reasonable charges for any notice required to be given under this Act, and for notice and advertisement of sale, and for sale of the goods if default is made in satisfying the warehouse lien.


Commercial Rent Distress​:

The right of distress is the only basis on which a landlord may hold the goods of his tenant. ... In British Columbia, the remedy of distress for rent is only available in a commercial tenancy.

Landlords often have to deal with tenants defaulting under a commercial lease.  The pattern of default is typical.  It often begins with a series of late rent payments, then it progresses to payment of only a part of the rent due.  Finally, there is a complete default in payment of rent.  At this point, the landlord can enlist the services of a Bailiff to seek advice on the appropriate remedy.

When a tenant defaults under a commercial lease by failing to make payment of rent, there are generally three main remedies available to the landlord:

(a)     distrain for rent in arrears;

(b)     re-enter and terminate the lease; or

(c)     affirm the lease and sue for rent in arrears.

For more detailed information on this process and your options contact us.

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