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Offering you another option for all your repossession needs in BC and throughout Canada and North America, Repologic was created by two individuals with years of experience in the Industry.

We guarantee a professional and courteous approach to our clients as well as your clients, our priority is to make the whole process from file assignment to closure as seamless and effortless as possible, we do this by bringing to the table a team with years of expertise in all facets of the industry, collateral assessment, asset monitoring, recovery and remarketing.

Knowing that not all clients wants and needs are aligned, we are here to offer custom policies and procedures to ensure that our team handles your business the way you want it to be done.

Our Commitment:

Every Bailiff at Repologic is here to service your needs, we promise to be consummate professionals as we execute your assignments, we guarantee we will act to the letter of the law and the acts we work under, it is our mission to deal with your clients with as much passion as possible given the situation they must meet us under.

With our years of experience and connections there is no situation we don't have a solution for, our team is professional, courteous and understanding of the task at hand.

​​Based in Langley British Columbia our services stretch across all of North America and beyond, so no matter where your asset ends up we have the network to get it repossessed where ever it is.

​​Our goal is to get the job completed in the most efficient, timely manner and economically.

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